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Get a One-Page Website Built To Get Leads and Sales

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Leverage my 11 years of creating marketing breakthroughs.

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Get a One-Page Website Built To Get Leads and Sales

The Easy, Affordable Service That Creates New Happy Customers

Example #1: 1,174% increase in pipeline for B2B IT hardware company.

Example #2: 126% conversion rate lift on software company webpage.

Example #3: 417% increase in revenue for B2B data organization.

Example #4: 1067% return on ad spend for financial services company.

Example #5: 52% decrease in cost per aquisition for popular SaaS tool.

Example #6: 78% increase in sales opps for U.S. media conglomerate.

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Notable Results.

Oscar Reyes
VP of Marketing @
D-Link Systems USA
"It's as simple as this. Troy develops and manages a marketing strategy that just plain works. From day 1 we started seeing his marketing plan paying dividends. He developed a marketing funnel that is working wonders for D-Link and he really directed what was said perfectly to our enterprise IT B2B customers.
Catherine Gutierrez, MBA
Chief Marketing Officer @
MFour Mobile Research
"A true marketing leader, Troy knows exactly what is needed to run a successful organization. With Troy's demand generation support, we quadrupled results at MFour and saw a massive revenue spike. He did all the heavy lifting in web work, paid ads and email. If you have a chance to hire Troy, take it. 
Jennifer Miller
Chief Marketing Officer @
Emergent Tree Education
Troy was a great pleasure to work with. He took time to not only understand our needs but also get a clear picture on nuances for how we prefer to engage with our target market. He has an in-depth knowledge of current trends and approaches for engaging with people. Great writer. Diligent worker.

I Have a Bachelors of Science in Marketing from CSULB and 21 Certifications. 

I have earned all 12 of DigitalMarketer's certifications as well as a cert in Google Analytics, Google Search Ads, Google Display Network, Sandler Selling, Hootsuite Social Media, Hubspot Inbound, Facebook Blueprint, and Tune.

Example #3: 1,174%+ Sales w/ 70% Budget Cut.

Problem: D-Link was in hot water after legal issues, tariff issues, and churning sales people.
Solution: Despite reduced budget, I developed a intent-driven content strategies to fuel opportunities.
Result: Raised sales by 1,174%, and improved marketing’s contribution to $220mm in revenue in the U.S. division.

Strategy Included ABM Ads, Agency Management, Email Automation, Retargeting Ads, Call Scripts, and SDR Training.

Example #1: Gained 2,551 new clients in 1 year.

Problem: My current company was acquired, and needed a way to grow even faster to hit aggressive KPIs.
Solution: I started aggressive conversion rate optimization tests with a $1.5M annual ad spend to reduce CAC, lower time to payback, and lift LTV, while dealing with merging martech infrastructure and attribution from several M&As.
Result: A 134% lift in qualified registrations and I generated 2,551 new B2B clients in 2023.

Here's 5 of over 50 landing pages, can you guess which converted qualified registrants at 30% consistently from medium intent keywords?

Example #2: New Fast-Growth Revenue Stream.

Problem: Southern California News Group, a 72M ARR business, was stagnant.
Solution: I started a revenue stream from scratch, by developing a stronger brand, value proposition, and GTM strategy to convert low-margin programmatic ad space of O&O channels to high-margin direct ads. 
Result: The organization quickly booked 1.25mm in new revenue, with growth clocking in at 8% MoM.

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